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Cinematic Videography

We all love to be like a princess and prince on our wedding day. We want the best of anything and perfection in everything - be it the venue, decoration, styling, wedding attire, be it anything. If there is something which can capture the essence of your feelings, dreams, aspirations and all the things you carved out so perfectly for this day with all the efforts, it is none other than ‘Cinematic Wedding’.


Cinematic Wedding is a work of art requiring exceptional storytelling skills – a story that is unique and only yours. As it is your own story and you are the ‘heroine’ and ‘hero’, the cinematographer usually conducts an interview with the couple and immediate family to get your story right. Along with this, the best moments of wedding are highlighted and weaved into a beautiful story. Of course, it is no less than any popular movie, there is a song in the background as well which makes the viewers whistle and dance.


Note that this video is a result of well thought of, well planned and even more well executed by a team of photographers & cinematographers under the supervision of a chief cinematographer. As you might have guessed, it is more costly when compared to conventional videography. However, it is worth your every penny. Often the full length videos are around 20-30 min with a teaser of 2 to 5 min.


Who wants to save a dime when I write my life’s best story? Find the best wedding cinematographers registered with us and hire them today.


Do not forget to share your ‘story’ with us. We will love to watch it!!